Jeremy Lin Shoes – Product Review

A 35-year-old Taiwanese-American basketball player is the first Asian player to win the NBA Championship 2019. He is also the first Taiwanese and Chinese player to become part of the NBA. He was also part of the NBA during 2011-12. His born date was August 23, 1988, weighs about 91 kg, and is 6.3 feet tall. As you know, height is a nature God-gifted, while Basketball has a pivotal role in Basketball. He used Jeremy Lin Shoes for playing.

Jeremy Lin Shoes

China’s technological progress is famous worldwide, but if we talk about sports, Basketball is the 3rd major game in this country. So the name of Jeremy Lin basketball shoes is famous in the world. Most experienced and new players use these shoes for better performance.

Ceremony of these shoes

Xtep is a famous Chinese brand for producing running products. And regarding their next sneaker model, this company has signed Jeremy Lin as a brand ambassador and spokesperson. Jeremy Lin has started to wear the shoes at the ceremony of the Chinese charity game. In this charity game, there were many famous Asian pop stars like Jam Hsiao and Jay Chou.

The logo of Jeremy Lin is on the literal side of the shoes, and these shoes come with white and shining aura colours. It is a deal with this star player and includes some other Jeremey products like Basketball and tees. Now, we will discuss an overview of these shoes.


I am not a star player, but I have basketball game experience. And I know which shoes are best for playing this game. So, if we talk about Xtep Levitation 4, which is the favourite shoe for Jeremy Lin, then it has disappointing traction. Because it has a herringbone throughout the soles, and there are small spaces between these. Due to these spaces, dust and clay can be store, which increases its weight, and it is also not fair for basketball shoes.

In fresh condition, the traction of these shoes was also good. But after playing some games, I noticed that it is going slowly. However, when I wipe these shoes, they become good, but later, I feel I need to clean and wipe my boots properly. So if these are improved for traction, these will be the best pair of shoes for Basketball.

I have a lot of experience playing basketball on different courts. However, I found lower traction of these shoes that I need to catch on other courts. But I don’t judge that it is due to a translucent or solid rubber outsole. However, it is my experience that if you want to play with these shoes, you need to clean and wipe your boots constantly.


I think the cushion is very aggressive in these shoes. And it can be reminiscent of Adidas Crazy Explosive shoes that were famous in Buffer some years ago. The weight of these shoes is heavier, and I think these are heavier due to the cushion. However, it is okay to increase weight due to cushion. The cushion of these shoes makes them more in demand, and you can prove your performance with them.

Looking around the shoes, the cushion is available on all sides. And you will feel a bigger difference between the ground and your feet. I also like the Nike LeBron line because these shoes are higher due to the cushion. Dual-density cushion setup is available in these shoes because it is a segment of the outsole and heel.

You will feel comfort due to the thick outsole of these shoes. An amazing thing about these shoes is that you can change their insole because they are removable. It is easy to walk with these shoes because they are softer and have a higher cushion. However, in case of changing the insole, it has this option.


These shoes are cheap; you can get them for about $80. So you can see from these shoes that there will be engineered mesh from midfoot to heel. Fuse material is used in the creation of these shoes’ uppers. If you look at the Adidas Harden Vol.2, these shoes have the same rubber systems. These shoes are wrape with an elastic band, which I think has no function.

I like these shoes because they have cheap laces around them. It has TPU torsion X-support placed underfoot. These shoes look great, and you can add them as supportive shoes because they have such material that gives you a better grip than others. It also has a plastic heel clip, and I think there is no function of this material, and maybe it is only for increasing its feel and look.


When we talk about fitting even for shoes, it is better to check and try if it is possible. However, it took work because they are imported products, and I measured my feet and ordered these shoes. It is space between my toe and my shoes, so I feel like slipping while turning my feet.

If you love snug fitting, you must order for less than half size because these sneakers have rubber eyelets. And it can give you customized fitting. Mostly, these shoes are true to size, but it depends on the nature of human feet. All people have their different choices for fitting. Some people want to use snug-fitting shoes, while others want to buy wider feet so they can easily move their feet in the shoes.

Summary of Jeremy Lin Shoes

In the basketball world, these shoes have a solid start. So you can get all your shoes for only $80, like solid support, best cushion, fitting, support, and many other things. But don’t think these shoes are perfect for everyone, because everyone has unique thinking and choices. Traction can disturb you sometimes, but don’t judge it because if you care and clean it regularly, it will be removed from your sneakers.

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