A2000 Softball Glove – Product Reviews

Due to the popularity of baseball, only some companies can provide equipment to baseball players. The choice of all players is unique, so many companies are creating baseball equipment to give a better experience for baseball players. If it is any sport, if you don’t have quality equipment, then you cannot play better this game. A2000 Softball Glove is the best for the Baseball. If you feel insecure in such a game, you cannot focus on your game because you will focus only on your security so that you can escape from injury.

As is common in baseball, there are some positions of players, and all players provide their performance according to their position. And the goods for all positions are different from each other’s. If we talk about gloves, here is a Company that can provide high-quality gloves for you. Yes, we are talking about A2000 softball gloves. And these gloves are famous in the market due to their performance. Such gloves have been protecting players for many years. And after using these gloves, I think your primary focus will be on your game only.

There are many products of gloves A2000, and all these products have some similarities, and there are some differences also. However, all models of these series are lighter, and you can play well and comfortably using these gloves. A free return policy is available for these gloves, and you can return them if you don’t get related gloves or used ones. However, there are some policies for returning your goods.

A2000 Softball Gloves Reviews

A2000 Softball Glove

Wilson A2000 Infield Fastpitch Gloves – Right Hand Throw

  • Best Quality

Many baseball and softball players depend only on the goods of Wilson. All products of Wilson are fantastic and these are durable for using such goods for any number of goods. If we talk about Wilson A2000 gloves for softball, these came on the market in 1957, and they have gained a good name in the softball world. And there is no doubt about the performance of the Wilson A2000 series for softball, even if it is any position of this game. So you are a pitcher, infield, outfield, baseman, or any other position you can trust on the A2000 series gloves.

I am also a baseball player and use A2000 series gloves for my positions. So in this topic, I will repeat my experience with these gloves. I have no relation with such a company, and I will tell you to trust my feelings about these gloves. And my review will help you select the best gloves for your game. You will come to know about A2000 softball glove in detail.

Features of A2000 Gloves

The main thing is that you must know the features of A2000 softball gloves. When you have complete information about these gloves, it will be easy for you to decide whether to take these gloves or not. There are different models of these gloves; honestly, I don’t have to use all these models. But I am telling you about such a model that I have used. So here we start with the features of A2000 baseball gloves.

Size and Position

As you know, there are many softball positions, like infield, outfield, pitcher, catcher, and so on. So A2000 has gloves for all positions, and if you are playing at any position, you can buy the best glove for your position. And the other common thing is that all people select their favorite size. So people want to play with tight gloves, while some feel comfortable with loose ones. It is available in different sizes, and you can select fit. Mitts are larger than gloves, so this series has different sizes of mitts and gloves you love.

Catcher Mitts are available only for right-hand throwers, while if you buy other gloves, you can select your hand side. Because these gloves are available for both left-hand and right-handers. The catcher mitt is available in 34 inches, while the pitcher glove size is only 12 inches. Infield gloves are available in two sizes, 11.75 and 12 inches. And outfield gloves are available 11 to 14 inches in different.

Look at these gloves.

The look of the gloves doesn’t affect your game, and if you want to win the game, then you don’t focus on the look of the glove. But if you choose the A2000 series for different gloves, it will be excellent for you. Because the look of these gloves is pretty to me, and there are some such gloves available that I like. However, the look and design of gloves are different for different people. Some people may be concerned about their performance with the look of the glove, while some ignore it.

The SVC125SS model of A2000 is prettier because it has a dotted hole on these gloves, and this design increases the beauty and look of these gloves. And the web design of P12 is more beneficial for many players. Catcher gloves have better web, lining, and lacing, and all other designs are lovely. Overall, you will like the A2000 glove series in case of look at these gloves.


The construction of any gloves is the principal thing through which you can estimate the price, quality, performance, and durability of these gloves. I have seen A2000 softball gloves in many leather and materials like pro stock leather, super skin, spin control technology, flat fingers, etc. However, now we will discuss a lot about all these constructions.

Pro Stock Leather

The company is using pro stock leather to manufacture their goods for softball. This leather is imported from Japanese tanners so that you can estimate the durability of these gloves. There are three different categories of leather good, better, and best. However, A2000 Softball Glove uses sound and better leather to manage the price of their gloves. However, there is no doubt about the performance and durability of these gloves. At the same time, you can estimate the price of these gloves compared to others.


Before 1997, softball gloves were heavyweight. And it was difficult for youth to play this game due to the weight of these gloves. But the A2000 used super skin, related to material microfiber, in 1997 by the Shigeaki Aso Wilson glove master. Due to the use of this material, the weight of these gloves was decreased, but there is no side effect on the performance and design of these gloves.

With super skin, it is double the durability of these gloves. In comparison, these gloves have no dust because they are non-dusting material. And if you want to clean your gloves, then it will be easy to clean them. In comparison, another opportunity is also added in such gloves through SuperSkin, which are moisture-resistant so that you can use these gloves for a longer time. The overall performance of the A2000 has increased after using super skin, while it is a more considerable invention in the world of softball gloves.

Comfort Profit

You can play this game well if you want to feel comfortable and easy. And wrist lining is an essential thing for such gloves. So it must be comfortable to you because if it feels the pain of roughly, then how can you focus on your game? It uses Wilson trademark Prolix leather, which is softer and can keep your wrist comfortable and easy. So you will get too much comfortable wrist support in such gloves at a low price that you will never get in any other gloves.

Spin Control Technology

If we talk about baseball infielders, facing spin ball is common. So, in this case, it needs to use gloves that support spin balls. But it is good news for A2000 users that they can use such a glove full of spin control technology. And it is easy to handle such shots that are easy for spin ball control. Complete webbing and dotted holes can reduce the spin rate, making it easy to ball catch. These gloves are also helpful in increasing the friction between balls and gloves, making it easy for players to catch the ball. 

Rolled Dual Welting

There are different gloves and mitts, like pitchers, infielders, and outfielders. So rolled dual welting effect on these gloves is very well, and it can improve the shape of these gloves according to o the needs of different players.


Webbing is an integral part of baseball and softball gloves. And it is the central point that is most discussed in all matters. And if we talk about A2000 Softball Glove, it uses multiple webbing for different positions of gloves. However, you can select a webbing glove that is easy and comfortable. 

Build Quality

Only high-quality and imported materials could be used when it is a matter of international soft and baseball. Because if you select low-quality materials and use cheap building methods, it is not fair to use these gloves for international games. However, if you check other gloves in the market and the Wilson A2000 series, you will know how much it is better usage of the A2000 series glove.

The pro stock leather is best for gloves, and Wilson primarily uses this leather for creating its primary products. SuperSkin is better because it reduces the weight of gloves, but Pro Stock leather is double as durable as regular leather.


As you know these gloves are created with high-end material. So there is no doubt about the performance of these gloves. So it doesn’t matter your position in your game; you can perform well by wearing these gloves. These are comfortable for you, and the linings of these gloves are excellent. The weight of the A2000 Softball Glove is lighter, so playing better with them is easy. Almost all things and qualities of these gloves are better than other gloves, and you can trust these gloves for all positions of the game.

Many other things in these gloves are available that should be discussed in this article. However, the simple thing is that if you love to play baseball or softball, then you can trust A2000 gloves. And these will never disturb you even at any stage of the game.

Pros & Cons of A2000 Gloves


  • The gloves created with Pro Stock leather are highly durable, and you can perform well with these gloves.
  • The gloves created with Pro Stock leather are highly durable, and you can perform well with these gloves.
  • Spin control technology is used in these gloves. You will get more than 50 spin control facilities compared to A2000 gloves and others. 
  • Rolled dual welting can help in keeping the gloves in their actual shape.
  • The finger support of these gloves makes it easy to play better with these gloves. And when you use these gloves for playing, you will feel easy and comfortable. 


  • There are lots of products in this series. It is difficult to remember the names and specifications of these gloves.
  • The material used in these gloves is stiff, so it will take some time to break in.

Final Words

It is better for you if you are clear with many products of this series with different models. Because these gloves have both qualities of durability and light, they are ideal for many players. And if you compare it with other gloves, you will find these gloves better than others. However, all the features and ideas about these gloves are fantastic.

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