5 Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

When you have flat feet and want to buy the best basketball shoes, then it is essential to select shoes that we will discuss in this article. Primarily, people have standard feet, but some such people also have flat feet. And flat feet holder cannot be used everyday use. Flat feet that we will share with you in this article. We have pointed out 5 best basketball shoes for flat feet our picked shoes that are better for casual and serious players.

We will discuss these shoes in full detail because I have much experience with these shoes. And I hope that you will love the picked shoes that we have mentioned for flat feet holders. Basketball is a game where you cannot stop for some time and must run correctly. So select shoes that help you in running and you can use them for some months, and these shoes must remain in their actual shape.

We aim to discuss about 5 best basketball shoes for flat feet. But Lebron Witness V is our top pick and is better than all our picked shoes. Because all the features and functions you need are included in these shoes, they are 100% secure, and there is nothing worth these shoes against their elements and facilities.

Who should buy the best basketball shoes for flat feet?

No matter whether you are a casual or professional player, if you have flat feet, you must visit a website. Here, we discuss shoes that are not only effective for such feet but are also needed for flat feet holders. It should be kept in mind that if you have flat feet, then you cannot trust all shoes. Because you need to use such shoes, those are effective only for your feet.

It is difficult for flat feet holders to run and jump with these feet. Because these feet feel more pain and discomfort, when you wear shoes that are effective for you, you can make your day better.

Our top picks of basketball shoes for flat feet

We have selected some best shoes for flat feet holders, and after studying these shoes, you can make the decision of these shoes.

Lebron Witness V

Lebron Witness V

Flat feet Shoes

  • With Air Zoom Balls

These shoes are our first pick, and you can trust these shoes if you have flat feet. These shoes are available with breathable build and are built in a steady base. And these features are not only best but also excellent for flat feet. The sole of these shoes is perfect, and you will get additional air zoom balls under your feet.

These shoes are available in strict and robust material and building, so you can feel easy when you wear and turn out these shoes. There is no pain when you use these shoes to play your game. The midsole of these shoes is created with foam, and you can enjoy multi-directional traction that you will get only in these shoes.

The weight of these shoes is bulky, and if you feel easy, then you can use these shoes. However, some players face problems in running with sturdy shoes. But if you accept this downside, you can use awesome shoes for your game. On the basketball court, these shoes may reduce your running speed, but they will also increase your performance for being the best player. 


  • Durable shoes
  • Air zoom balls
  • Breathable shoes
  • Sleek look


  • Bulky shoes

Air Visi Pro VI

Air Visi Pro VI

Best Shoes For Basketball

  • Best For Ankle Support

When you wear basketball shoes with fla6 feet, then there may be some shoes that cannot give you comfort. But these shoes are fantastic in case of being comfortable, and if comfort is your priority, then these shoes will support you. These shoes are better for flat feet and have the best cushion you always deserve.

All sides of these shoes are breathable, lighter, and easy to wear. The soft material is also used in the manufacturing of these shoes. As you know, these shoes are available in breathable features, so you can wear them, even if it is cool or hot. Due to the herringbone rubber sole, you can get unlimited traction with these shoes.

No matter that these shoes give you more support, durability is the main downside of these shoes. So, if you consider using these shoes longer, you are wrong. Because the performance of these shoes is excellent, the life of these shoes is not as much longer as you expect. These shoes are authentic to fit, and the weight of these shoes is also lighter, so you can run fast with these shoes.


  • Ankle and foot support
  • Breathable shoes
  • Excellent traction
  • Lightweight shoes


  • Not durable

Adidas Ownthegame

Adidas Ownthegame

Best Adidas Shoes

  • Tough Rubber Sole Shoes

These shoes have many traits, and these shoes can help flat feet holders in a strict environment. Adidas shoes have a robust rubber sole, the construction of these shoes is decisive, and these are available in durable outsole. These shoes are durable, and there is a lot of power in these shoes that can give you the best support and durability.

These shoes are created with a mesh upper that makes these shoes more breathable. And another helpful feature is that these are moisture-wicking shoes. So, moisture-wicking technology can make these shoes dry even if you play in the hot season. The rugged rubber soles of these shoes make these shoes durable, and you can enjoy more games with these shoes without any issues.

There is no doubt that these shoes have a limited quantity of flexibility. But these shoes are rigid, and it is difficult for you if you want to turn your feet suddenly. So, if you are a guard or a quick basketball player, it can create issues for you if you turn your position. The weight of these shoes is lighter, and there are many other features; due to these features, I have added this pair of shoes to our blog.


  • Ventilation system
  • These shoes are durable
  • Tough rubber sole
  • Moisture wicking


  • Rigid shoes

D.O.N. Issue 2

D.O.N. Issue 2

Best Basketball shoes

  • Supportive Shoes

As you know, there is a need for extra padding and material for manufacturing shoes for flat feet. So the weight of these shoes is heavier, but these shoes are not heavier and best for flat feet holders. The importance of these shoes is that they are lighter, and you can use a breathable pair of shoes due to the upper mesh of these shoes. The weight of these shoes is only 1.8 pounds.

Many flat feet shoes have single support or cut-ounce features, but these shoes are available in both. So, these shoes are more robust, and the construction of these shoes is also excellent. So, you have no chance of injuries, and you can love these shoes without any issues. These shoes are available in actual sizes, and due to syntactic mesh, you can do your activities with these shoes.

The size of these shoes is incredible only for flat feet, but if you have wider feet, these shoes will be tight for you. However, for flat feet, these shoes are fit, and they can feel comfortable due to the material and construction method of these shoes. The sole of these shoes is created with rubber, which is an excellent thing in these shoes.


  • Lightweight
  • Supportive shoes
  • Comfortable feel
  • Fit for flat feet


  • Not suitable for wider feet

Kyrie Flytrap IV

Kyrie Flytrap IV

Best shoes For Basketball

  • Unique Lacing System

With flat feet, if you love using versatile shoes, you can trust Kyrie Flytrap IV basketball shoes. These shoes are solid, and you can use these shoes for a longer time because solid and lighter material is used in these shoes. Due to tremendous support for these shoes, we have added these shoes to our list of best basketball shoes for flat feet.

Air zoom unit is available in these shoes, and a great cushion is used in such a pair of shoes for additional and premium support. These shoes are outfitted with a unique interior band and a better lacing system. Due to these features, the size is open for these shoes, and you can get a good room and place in your feet and get better motion.

These shoes do not have as much protection as you expect. However, these shoes are not tight so you can feel comfortable. These shoes are lighter, and you can quickly run and jump with these shoes. These shoes are complete with plenty of support, which is essential for flat-foot holders.


  • Rectangular air zoom
  • Lightweight
  • Unique lacing system
  • Comfortable


  • Not much supportive

What to look for in basketball shoes for flat feet?

Design and comfort

When you are tired of uncomfortable shoes and want to buy another pair for flat feet, then you must look comfortable in these shoes. Try to find shoes with extra padding that can keep your feet softer and more comfortable. The design of the shoes can tell you whether these shoes are comfortable for you or not. Look at the ventilation system in your shoes and then decide to buy such shoes for your flat feet.


Use basketball shoes that are comfortable for you. Don’t look at the sole and bottom of the shoes; you must look around and see if these shoes are supportive or not for you. The primary purpose is to keep your feet where your shoes feel comfortable, and you can move your feet where you want. When you select supportive shoes, these will keep you secure from injuries and other situations.


Flat feet holders certainly know the importance of the soles of basketball shoes. As you know, many shoes in the market have good soles, but you must look for shoes with unique soles for your feet. When selecting shoes for a unique shape of feet, you must look for something special that is not available in regular shoes.


Can I play basketball with flat feet?

Nothing is impossible in this world; you can easily play basketball and other games even with flat feet. You cannot play this game with nude feet, so we have discussed 5 best basketball shoes for flat feet. So you can select one of these shoes and easily play your game with these shoes.

Are Kyrie shoes good for flat feet?

We have discussed only one pair of shoes from this brand, but you can trust these shoes and use these shoes for playing this game. These shoes are comfortable, and you can get durability in these shoes. So you can get the best pair of shoes at a low price with unlimited features. These shoes suit flat-foot holders and can play well in this game.

What Nike Shoes are best for flat feet?

Mostly, Nike shoes are available with the best construction, and these shoes are best for flat feet players who want to use these shoes for a longer time. We have discussed the 5 best pairs of shoes for flat feet, and you can trust these shoes. As you know, finding shoes perfect for such users isn’t easy. But we struggle to find these shoes for you.

How do you get rid of smells from your basketball shoes?

If it is a bad smell in your shoes, it will be unpleasant for you and others. So now we will discuss how to eliminate the odor from your shoes.

  • First, try to find the reason for the smell and then avoid this to keep your shoes in better condition. If you think your soles create odor and fragrance, put them out and keep them for drying.
  • Dry your shoes in the light of the sun or heater, because this will kill the bacteria. And then there will be no issue of odor from your shoes.
  • You can freeze your shoes, but if you freeze them openly, it will damage your shoes. So you can keep them frozen in plastic bags, and due to the breeze or low temperature, bacteria will die, which is why your shoes’ smell.
  • You can use cleaning soda for cleaning your shoes, so you can drop soda in your shoes and keep them for a night. So the following day, you can clean your shoes, giving you the better condition you want.

Final Words

We have discussed a lot about these shoes, their buying guides, and also getting a riding smell from your shoes. Now, playing basketball with flat feet is easy because we have pointed out the 5 best basketball shoes for flat feet. However, the Lebron Witness V is the best pair of shoes that you can use for your daily game. These shoes will give you better support and comfort than you look for flat feet.

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