Air Jordan 4 – Product Reviews

Air Jordan 4 is a famous shoe brand in basketball and debuted in 1989. And with different updates and colours, it is even now a renowned brand for basketball shoes. It is the production of Tinker Hatfield, and he was a renowned legendary Nike designer. These shoes were unique at that time because only these shoes were in the shape of triangle support wings and were also breathable due to over-moulded mesh panelling.

The design of these shoes is eye-catching, and these shoes were famous for playing indoor and outdoor games. Air Jordan 4 was also inspired by an American comedian’s TV series, “Do the Right Thing.” So, from this movie, the journey of Air Jordan began. And now you can see these shoes as the best basketball shoes for comfort.

The popularity of Air Jordan has been increasing since its invention. And there are many events and special editions to promote these shoes for this game. Many star players are contracted with these shoes. And the sale of these shoes is increasing daily as the popularity of basketball is rising.

These shoes have four different colourways, and you will know that all models have their features and factors. In this article, we will give you more information about these shoes.

Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro white cement 2012

In 1989, the original Air Jordan 4 retro white cement was released and at that time, it was famous due to its look and color. These shoes are famous due to their unique colour and design, and they are renowned for their performance.

The publicity of these shoes started from the movie “Do the Right Thing”, and from that time, these were not only entrainment shoes. But after that time, these shoes earned a sound name in sports, and now you can see that most basketball players are wearing them for their games. Air Jordan 4 cement colour is related to its original 1989 version with white leather and grey cement wings.

Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro Fire Red 2020

Fire red shoes were manufactured in 2020, but it is the most memorable of the 1989 shoes. These shoes are also made of white leather, but there are red and black accents on different parts of the shoes. These shoes have many additional features and factors that make them unique from other Jordan shoes.

It has a “Flight” script on the tongue, a visible heel air unit, and signature eyelets. All Air Jordan shoes have their logos, and the symbol of these shoes is available on throwback retro 4s and red on the black heels. So, all these updated shoes are different from other versions of this brand.

Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro Bred 1999

On the 10th anniversary of Air Jordan in 1999, these shoes were manufactured. These are available in the iconic “Bred” colourway, which looks unique and pretty. As you know, the game’s popularity is increasing; many shoes are being introduced worldwide.

Like 1989 shoes, these are also designed with black nubuck upper grey lace locks, but the fantastic thing about these shoes is the black and red outsole. These shoes are mostly covered with black cover; however, there is a tiny use of red on the lower tongue, lower heel, and other places.

Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro Levi’s white denim

It is a collaboration between Jordan and Levi’s, released in 2018. And it also has Levi’s Two Horses paper match. You will look a better design with white denim in these shoes. It is available with a unique red box and gold branding.

Why are Air Jordan 4 shoes too famous?

These shoes were released by Nike in 1989, and the creator of these shoes is Tinker Hatfield. Only some shoe brands are famous worldwide, but if you are looking for the most famous basketball shoes, these are Air Jordan. And now you can estimate these shoes are more prominent than many older brands. There are some reasons these shoes are favourite.


The design of the shoes is the main reason for publicity. It is accurate that little importance is placed on innovation in performance. In some cases, the design of the shoes plays a major role in performance. These shoes have unique designs. When discussing Air Jordan 4, these shoes are breathable and comfortable. Some other features and pros of these shoes include support, sleekness, and style. 


Please don’t focus on the design of these shoes, but we can say that the performance of these shoes is also unique from others. It has a solid rubber outsole and other parts of these shoes, so you can use durable shoes comfortably. These shoes are famous for shock absorption, so you can feel comfortable and better when you jump higher.

Celebrity endorsements

You can estimate the popularity of these shoes in connection with celebrities and events. Michael Jordan is a famous name in this game, and he has been wearing these shoes since their invention. Many other prominent players are using these shoes with complete confidence. These shoes are notable because many celebrities are involved in the events and functions of these shoes. 

Final words

A summary is given in this article, and with too much information, you will be satisfied with using these shoes. These shoes are famous for being comfortable, and the product’s principle is to give comfort and support. These shoes are supportive, and you can use them to get comfortable and support. The iconic and classical design of these shoes looks eye-catching.

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