Anta Shock Wave 5 – Product Review

Kyrie Andrew Irving is a famous basketball handler and the NBA championship winner. He is a favourite Australian-American professional basketball player. Kyrie was born on 23rd March 1992. He is an 8th-time all-star and three times a member of the All-NBA team. At the same time, he became this game’s champion in 2016. Having more than 6.2 feet in height, he is famous as the bigger man in this game. However, if we look at his performance instead of size, he has a good name in this game. And he mostly used Anta Shock Wave 5.

Anta Shock Wave 5

He used Nike shoes for this game, but unfortunately, in 2023, he broke his relationship with this brand. Then, start wearing Anta Shock Wave 5 shoes. All people relate to this field were shocked that he left the Nike brand because he had been using it for many years. This brand was famous due to Kyrie Irving’s advertising. However, everyone was waiting to make a contract with Irving or any other shoe brand.

So, everyone was waiting for the following signature or contract with any brand. So Irving has started to use Anta shock wave, and these shoes are also famous for their high-end performance. Anta Shock Wave was the first brand to be note in basketball games.

Anta shock Wave 5 Traction

The outsole of the shoes is essential for their durability and performance. So, these shoes have durable rubber soles and can provide multidirectional coverage. These shoes are best for playing outdoor games because the rubber is thick, firm, and flatter. These shoes are wrapping up around the front to end of the shoes. The grip of these shoes is more robust, and it is easy to move around the court with these shoes.

You can use these shoes even indoors, but the durability will be not well because there is a need for some specific version. This version also has a solid rubber sole, but there is a difference between traction levels. The rubber of outdoor and indoor shoes is different in the case of soft and substantial.

The traction level of these shoes is fantastic for outdoor games, but you can play a little indoors with these shoes. I have experience of playing outdoor games with these shoes. You can make lateral movements with these shoes in case of outdoor fun.

Most pliable shoes are famous in the USA, but these shoes are just tiny elastics. So you can use these shoes for more seasons than other shoes. It has an excellent traction system. If you are playing indoor games, it is a good idea to wipe your shoes before using them for your next games.


If we talk about Anta Shock Wave 5’s cushion, what will you expect from these shoes? These shoes are thick but will be reduced when they move to the forefoot. These shoes are more stable because the soles of these shoes are wrapped with TPU, and you can get more comfort with these shoes.

The protection and feeling of these shoes will be felt when you visit the court with these shoes. The Hordan Vol.1 is the best and most famous basketball shoe, and the main reason for such publicity is the cushion. And Anta Shock Wave 5 pro is the competitor of these shoes. These shoes have many options, like protection, spring, traction, and edge-guard features.

These shoes have more cushioning and are filled with a best feature name Nitroedge. It is completely use of Pebax and infused with nitrogen. Most shoes with cushions are not very durable, but this is different from those with these shoes. If you have experience playing an old version of these shoes, you will get more cushion and comfort in these shoes.

Adidas shoes are more famous for bouncing and providing protection after jumping. But, I have experience with these shoes, and I found that these shoes are not less protective and shock absorption than other shoes. Outdoor games need more struggle and effort, but you can protect your joints and feet with these shoes.


The material of the shoes has much importance, and only shoes can increase or decrease the quality of shoes. Anta Shock Wave 5 is very functional, but if you carry it, you will feel like plastic and lighter. These shoes are manufacturing with TPU and textile, which increases their durability and containment.

All those parts of the shoes that are lace up with textiles are breathable and lighter. And it is quickly breaks in where there is no requirement of time wasting to make these accounts able to play. You can play with satisfaction with these shoes because the fuse and TPU are generated on your foot, which makes it easy to play.

The midsole of these shoes is wrapping up, and you can get a better lockdown system for these shoes with its helpful material. The material of these shoes is practical for performing well on the court, but they will feel lighter and plastic when you carry them in your hands.

TPU and rubber mixture materials are good in unique shapes. It will give you more protection and reinforced on the top, and you can wear these shoes so your feet will sit in the correct position. You can play longer while wearing these shoes, and the whole shoe is wrape in plastic to protect you from heat.


These shoes fit like gloves, so it is essential to order shoes in the correct size. Because these shoes are foreign brands, if you don’t know your size, confirm it before and then call. The textile upper of these shoes is true to size fitting for you. Always select your actual size, which is a Chinese brand, so be aware in case of fitting.

These shoes are available in complete sizes, so don’t fear about the size of your shoes. Because you can order for your correct size, these shoes are adequate for all types of feet, and plenty of sizes are available in this brand. These shoes are practical for outdoor games, and the TPU plastic of these shoes will give them better performance for your basketball game. 

Final Summary

These shoes are not only for Kyrie Irving, but they are also for older brands. So these shoes are best for basketball players overall. And as you know, Irvi is a famous basketball player who has selected these shoes for his games. There are many features and factors, like reactive hoop shoes, which are low-profile, clean, and available in complete sizes. The overall position and performance of these shoes are perfect.

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