High Top Basketball Shoes – Buying Guides

It is a trend to use high-top basketball shoes. And if we talk about old version shoes for this game or the latest model shoes, then the need for these shoes is important for always. So these days, there are many options of basketball shoes that you can pick from the market and use for your game. In this article, we will discuss some brands, but Way of Wade 10 will be our top brand. And due to its awesome features and performance, we have put it at the top.

All basketball players have their preferences in the selection of these shoes. Some people love to wear higher shoes and mostly seek more supporting shoes. In this article, we will talk about shoes that are the first choice for high-top shoes. We always offer such products for athletes and players, and you must update us. Because here you can get more products for your games and sports.

If you have experience in this game, then you must know about the importance of these shoes. And these shoes will give you such conditions that you can play well and give the best performance. Due to the higher inflation rate, prices are increasing day by day. But we try to pick out such shoes that are best at affordable prices. So here we will discuss the best and top basketball shoes that you can try for your next event.

Lists of High Top Basketball Shoes

1. Way of Wade 10

Sunrise-coloured shoes are not only best for basketball, but these are our first pick that you can buy from Amazon through our website’s link. The traction level of these shoes is excellent, even if you are playing indoors or outdoors. The only term is the court cleaning, and then the performance of these shoes will be excellent. These shoes can perform well even on dust and dirt floors.

Way of Wade 10

Best High Top Shoes

  • Best Bouncy Shoes

You can get the best bounce with these shoes due to the cushion of these shoes. Even though it has the same cushion as other shoes, these shoes are more bouncy than other shoes. This game is not constant, and you can play in the same place. But it would help if you moved linearly to lateral repeated. So, only the best cushion shoes can give you better bounce options than you can get in these shoes.

The upper sole of these shoes is made of textile mesh, and lighter and breathable textiles used in these shoes give you durability. All your feet will be kept fit in it, and the best material will be wrapped around your feet. The material is not premium, but you can use it for longer, and it will completely fit your feet.

You can get better bounce and stability, and all this is possible due to the thin, full-length carbon fibre shank plate. And according to some users, this plate may be cracked, so you must care about moving your feet. So these shoes are not supportive that you may want in these shoes. These shoes are a little low in size so you can order for half more size for these shoes.


  • Traction performance
    Bouncy shoes
    Breathable shoes


  • Not too much supportive

2. Nike GT Jump 2

It is the latest version of its previous shoes, the Nike GT Jump. Its 1st version has a great hoop, and luckily, these shoes also have, but there are some important improvements in these shoes. You can buy these shoes in three different colours: black, white, and red. All these shoes are common and pleasure in basketball shoes.

Nike GT Jump 2

Best Shoes With High Top

  • Breathable Material

Its previous shoes were only best for some users, and some downsides must be improved. But now you can use these shoes with improvements. Now, these shoes are a favourite for many players who don’t like previous models. The best traction basketball shoes level of these shoes is available, and you can focus only on your performance when you use these shoes for your next games.

It needs to wait for some time to break in because it will take some time for a break in. and once it completes this tenure, then you can use your shoes as you want. The cushion level of these shoes is greater than its previous level. Some people ask what is the matter of cushion in this game, so with the best cushion, you can jump well.

When we look at the material of these shoes, their upper is created with 100% mesh that is durable and breathable. The material of these shoes will make it easy to remain fit in these shoes. Due to breathability and lighter material, these shoes have no weight. And it is easy to perform well with lighter shoes.


  • Multi-colors
    Best traction
    Supportive shoes
    Breathable material


  • Need a break-in time

3. Jordan 38

If we look at the best high-top basketball shoes in 2023, then we must remember the Jordan 38, which is the improved version of the Jordan 37. Many players have complained about Jordan 37, but the companies have introduced a new version in the shape of Jordan 38 that is excellent in performance.

Jordan 38

Best High Top Shoes

  • Easy To Wear

These shoes are available in bright white and purple colours, and the look and design of these shoes are very good. These shoes are created with a mixture of textile and synthetic so that you can consider these shoes standard in weight. Because these are both too light and heavy, these shoes are durable because the mixture of these materials is used in the heel counter and toe box.

These shoes are available in true to size, so there is no need to buy small or large shoes for your feet. Jordan shoes are supportive, and they will fit you. These shoes are comfortable and you feel good when you try these shoes. You can find air zoom stables in these shoes that will make it easy for you to wear these shoes when you want.

When we try these shoes, we say that perhaps, their traction is better than now. But these are comfortable and fit for you. Due to the additional features of these shoes, the demand and supply of these shoes are increasing daily. When you want to do something new on a basketball court, then the best thing is to buy shoes that are trusted for all types of courts.


  • True to size
    Excellent performance
    Easy to wear and put out
    Durable material


  • Lack of some traction

4. Puma MB 03

These shoes are standard, and it is between mid and high-top shoes. However, you can add these shoes to high-top volleyball shoes. In design and colours, this brand is unique, but in performance, you can get the same results in indoor and outdoor games. These shoes are famous due to their multidirectional movements.

Puma MB 03

High Top Shoes

  • Best traction Shoes

The traction of these shoes is so excellent that you will never slip on the court when you wear Puma MB 03 shoes. These shoes are better for outdoor performance, but they must be 1st choice for indoor. Because there are dust outdoor courts, these may be dirty and must be cleaned again and again. But when you play indoors, you will focus on your game, not on dust.

The cushion of these shoes is better than many other shoes, and you can get better bounce with these shoes. But the excellent thing about these shoes is that you will get protection when you land after a jump. The shoe’s upper is created with multi-layered textiles. Due to mesh manufacturing, these shoes are breathable, so you can use them even in winter and the hot season.

These shoes are not best for the outdoors because their durability will decrease, and there are more chances of dirtying your shoes. These shoes are supportive, and there are no chances of slipping your feet into shoes because these are fit. And the lockdown of these shoes is excellent that you will always remember when you use them once.


  • Multi-textile
    Fit in your feet
    Support is well


  • Not Durable in outdoor

5. Nike Air Zoom GT Jump

We have seen many sneakers that you are using for basketball and other sports, but the cushion level of these basketball shoes with good traction is more than that of others. It is full-length air zoom stables on the top of the midsole. At the same time, there are more air-zoom stables on the heel and forefoot. All these stables are important to increase the cushion level of these shoes, and these will give you more chances for jumping and protection at landing.

Nike Air Zoom GT Jump

Best Nike High Top Shoes

  • With Best Cushion

These shoes are comfortable even if you are playing at any place because this is created with softer material. Air Zoom shoes are breathable that you can wear and feel easy during the match. These shoes are true to fit, and there is no need to buy small or large sizes for your feet.

These shoes are bulky, and there may be issues with running fast with these shoes. However, you will keep your budget when you buy these shoes. Because the price of these shoes is light, you can get these shoes at a lower price.


  • Low price
    Best cushion level
    Durability is available


  • Bulky shoes

6. Jordan 36

High top basketball shoes need more traction because the height of these shoes is greater than that of normal shoes. And when you run or jump with these shoes, then slipping chances are more than others. But when you wear Jordan 36 shoes, then you will feel comfortable and easy to play with these shoes. The traction level of these shoes is very aggressive on outdoor grounds, and this is an excellent choice for many pro players.

Jordan 36

Best Jordan Shoes

  • Easy To Fit

When we look at cushions, then it is better Jordan shoes than other models of this brand. In these shoes, the full-length zoom unit is under the insole, and it is also closer to the foot. To increase the cushion of these shoes, there is an extra quantity of air zoom unit near the forefoot. There is no doubt about the setup of the cushion, but sometimes, it looks wobbly due to protrusion underfoot.

As you know, all companies are using different materials for manufacturing these shoes, so Leno Jacquard Weave is still using them. The main purpose of using it for your shoes is to make the comfortable and supportive shoes that you are looking for. This will make your shoes durable, and you must know that this material is being used in manufacturing different types of bags.

These are true to fit, but in some cases, it looks narrow by sides. Fitting is the first priority, so if you want to use these shoes, then it is a must to check the size that is fit for you. Sometimes, you will not need to wear socks or braces if you are wearing these shoes. The lockdown of these shoes is excellent, and you can use these shoes to get more support and comfort. Some additional things are also used so that the support of these shoes will be increased.


  • Support
    True to fit


  • Narrow for someone

7. Nike KD14

For those worth only $150, you can buy multi-colour basketball shoes that are not only high tops. But the traction level of these shoes is fantastic. These shoes are the best high top shoes for ankle support indoors and outdoors according to my own experience of these shoes. The grip of these shoes is so reliable that you will love these shoes. Many other shoes are competitors of these shoes, but the traction level of these shoes is better. 

Nike KD14

Nike High Top Shoes

  • Comfortable Shoes

All basketball players need a bouncy, soft, and reliable cushion, and luckily, these shoes have the same cushion that you want. Zoom air underfoot unit keeps your feet easy and comfortable, and there is no matter whether you are playing on the concrete or there are rocks under your foot. 

The material of these shoes could be better than you think, but when we look at performance, these are good for me. Support is the key factor in these shoes, and it is greater than its previous model, KD 13, and it is lighter. It has a shorter break-in time and is softer for my shoes; I absolutely love these shoes. 

In the case of fitting, these are not true to fit because if your size is 9, then you must buy a 9.5 size. Because these shoes are snug to fit, no one will want to take risks when playing games with such shoes. So if you ignore this issue and buy half oversize, then the performance of these shoes will be good for you. 

The support of these shoes is excellent than the latest shoes. These shoes were released in 2021, and now it is the end of 2023, but these are more supportive than others. The standard shank will give you more support than is available on the heel counter. The wider room and cradles of these shoes increase support for you. 


  • Supportive than others
  • Best and most comfortable material
    Long-life of these shoes
    Increasable cushion


  • Snug fitting

Final Thought about the High Top Shoes

Seeking high-top basketball shoes is a relatively easy task these days. Now, there are unlimited brands available in the market that you can buy through our website link by Amazon. In this article, we have pointed out Wade of Way 10 which is an excellent brand for high top basketball shoes. This pair of shoes will be best for you because there are many advantages of these shoes that you can wear for your game.

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