Legacy Pro Pickleball Paddle – Product Reviews

Some games get popularity in a shorter time and pickleball is one of such game. But the whole game performance depends on paddle performance. So, I and many other pickleball players stress purchasing pickleball paddles that you can use for your game for high-end performance. According to a report of the official site of Legacy, Legacy Pro Pickleball Paddle are the most selling paddling in this year.



I have started this game in the previous 5 years, and I don’t get satisfaction more with such paddles. But when I tried this paddle this year, I learned that it is a fantastic brand for me. Raw corban material pickleball paddle is one of the best choices for players who want to get pop and power.

It is a modern brand introduced in 2023, and due to few stock and high demand. I have waited for more than 3 months to get these paddles. However, I have succeeded in getting these paddles, and now my performance is better than ever. Like many other pickleball paddles, it has more pros and only a single con.

Pros and cons

The category of any pickleball paddle and other brands depends on its pros and cons. So, if a pickleball paddle has many exceptional pros with limited cons, it counts as the best. As you know, the Legacy pickleball paddle is the choice of pro players, so you can select these paddles to get high-end performance.


Pop and Power

In my previous pickleball paddles, I have seen many faults; due to these faults, I have changed about 7 in only 5 years. But I don’t have any technical faults with Legacy paddles, and I love to use these paddles for my game. Many other players were facing issues like core cushioning, delamination, and other issues in their paddles. But I am delighted with my paddles.

Initially, these paddles had some issues, but now I have selected the right ones for my game. The power and pop of these shoes are fantastic, and I have selected the best paddles I can use anywhere I want. I found these paddles to have more power and pop without too much struggle.

I can play any shot with these paddles included in the service. So there are only a few paddles that can give you too much power and pop, and thanks to Legacy, it is included in such pickleball paddles. If you want to use power and pop in your game with pickleball paddles, I suggest you use only these paddles I also use.

Sweet spot and touch

When you have enough places on your paddle to hit the ball. And the best forgiveness amount, there is no need for other things. So when you play your game with Legacy paddles, you will get a wider sweet spot and fantastic touch that is doubtfully impressive for pro players.

Construction of the paddle is essential when you want to perform well in a pickleball court. Some other paddles also have a wider sweet spot, but when you look at legacy paddles, you can think that it is different from others, and you will get a wider sweet spot that is not only for hitting the ball. But you can also play defensive shots with these paddles.

The balance of these paddles is very aggressive, and you can get these shoes with the best balance. You can play any shot with these paddles because you will have complete control over them. If you have much experience using different paddles, you will come to know that these are unique from others in the case of balance and control.


 These paddles are popular as quick paddles, but you can play spin shots with these paddles. It is undoubtedly not famous for playing spin shots, but you can get these paddles famous for spin. If we talk about such players who don’t have too much experience. We cannot determine the difference between these paddles and others famous for spin.

Playing spin shots in the game is also essential. So you can select these shoes and easily play shots as you want. Playing spin and power shots depends on your paddles and techniques so don’t depend only on the paddles. But with experience and techniques, you can play spin and power shots with any paddle.



I don’t have much experience with these paddles and have played only 4 months with these paddles. And in this tenure, I have found my paddles well and without any issues. However, according to some players, there are some durability issues with these paddles. However, I have never found such issues, which may be because I have little experience with such paddles.

I have never seen issues on the paddles’ upper and lower sides. But there should be some issues in the internal system of these paddles. However, you will get a guarantee of these paddles, and if you also find any issue in the guaranteed time, you can get a new pair for your money.

A warrantee of such paddles is also a pro because you can play well with these paddles without wasting your money. Suppose you have bought pickleball paddles worth $100 and used them only for 2 or 3 months; then it is not fair; in this case, some companies guarantee their products, and luckily, Legacy also guarantees their paddles.

Final Words

I am satisfied with my Legacy Pro Pickleball Paddle, and if you are new and want to select a paddle for your game, I advise using suggest using these paddles. There are many valuable things that you can get from these paddles. And the best thing that I have found is their wider surface, which is enough for me to cover more area for my game.

16 mm core thermoformed and many other practical features about these paddles can attract users. In my own little experience, I have been disappointed in these paddles. I can play power and spin shots I like because I have complete control and balance over these paddles. However, there are some durability issues, but I can care about my paddles. And if I keep it clean and protected, I can use it longer.

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