Best Golf Gloves in 2024 – Buying Guides

Playing golf in hot weather is not easy because there may be sweat on the hands, and it isn’t easy to maintain a hand grip. But using the best golf gloves can give you a stronger grip and better game control. As we compare different golf equipment like shoes, balls, clubs, and gloves, then all these things are important.

We want to serve you with the best golf gloves you can select in the New Year and make your game a pleasure that was never before. Focus on something other than famous brands because some gloves are the best and not too famous, but they can give you the best grip you want. In this blog, we will offer you some of the best gloves and their description so you can buy one of these gloves that you can use.

Lighter and protective gloves are the choice of all players, and this is possible when you have experience with this game or have read reviews about these gloves. So, we will offer a list of protective gloves that feel natural on your hands. On clubs, hand protection and tension-free shots are major requirements, and it is possible by using the best golfs.

Different gloves are manufactured on different ideas. Some have superior qualities, and some gloves give you a strong grip during wet conditions. We have picked some of the best gloves tested on different weathers and hands and found it is the best list for golf gloves. Be loyal and post your reviews after using these gloves for your game.

Best Golf Gloves reviews

Callaway tour authentic golf gloves

Callaway Tour Authentic Golf Gloves

It is our first choice for the best golf gloves of 2024, and there are many reasons for taking these gloves as first in the list. It is my personal choice to use these gloves, and I also use these gloves for my game. Because I feel comfortable, it also protects me from blisters and injuries. These gloves fit excellently and feel natural in my hands. The construction of these gloves is unique because they are durable for me, and I can use a single pair for some seasons.

The price of these gloves is reasonable, and you can use these gloves as cheap and durable. These gloves were manufactured in 2022 and are considered the best in the USA. This is effective for more than just hot areas; you can use these gloves where you want. The softer, softer feeling of these gloves is the main feature, and you can focus only on your game without bluster blurring issues.

Lack of mesh fabric around the gloves like StaSof and Perma Soft, these gloves can increase grip quantity. You will feel snug fitting the first time, but wait for a break in time. Because after it, this will be completely fit for you and you can feel comfort with these. These gloves are available at a lower price and are made of the best materials and quality manufacturing. Due to the softer Cabretta leather, you can trust these gloves in any season.


  1. Amazing fitting for your hands
  2. Excellent durability
  3. Lower price
  4. Softer material


  1. Bulky for someone

FootJoyStaSof golf gloves

FootJoyStaSof Golf Gloves

Don’t stress too much about the budget when you want to become ideal on the golf club. You can get the best golf gloves at a bit more price. But remember it: these gloves will give you the feeling and fit you want. The material of these gloves has premium quality, and you know that material is the initial and important segment of gloves’ performance and life.

These gloves are flexed with your hands, and during the swing, you will get maximum comfort and be easy to play shots. Only such players can play a good, comfortable game during their grip and feel comfort. Some people are looking for cheaper gloves, which is unfair because you can get better gloves for excellent grip, feel, and performance.

These gloves are competitors of the best golf gloves we have tested for this list. These gloves are so soft that you will feel nothing on your hands. The grip of these gloves is quite useful for winter and the hot season. Cabretta leather is the best material for the best gloves made with this material.


  1. Premium quality material
  2. Softer feeling
  3. Unlimited comfort
  4. Well-fitting


  1. Price

Titleist Perma soft golf gloves

Titleist Perma soft golf gloves

I have checked these gloves for the first time, and I am comfortable with them. There are some reasons why I chose these gloves for my next season. I have normal hands, and these are completely fit for my hands. These gloves are created with Cabretta leather, which I love; most gloves are created with such material.

Cabretta material can give the best fitting and comfort for gloves. So, if the gloves are created with this material, they are effective for normal hand people, and the durability of these gloves is also memorable. These gloves are flexed according to your hands for extra comfort in your hands. These are available at lower prices, so they are not a burden on your hands, and you can play your game on smaller budgets.

As you know, gloves are of different quality and have some downsides. So when you buy these gloves, you must care for them and use them only for your game. Because these are less durable than the other picks on our list, these look like FootJoyStaSof gloves, and you will feel better with these gloves after passing sometime. So, at such a price, you can get the best golf gloves in the shape of Titleist Perma gloves.


  1. Excellent feeling and is fitting
  2. Top-quality Cabretta leather material
  3. Extra comfort due to flexes
  4. Greater value


  1. Not too much durable

FootJoyTropiCool Golf Gloves

FootJoyTropiCool Golf Gloves

I have been using a single pair of these gloves for more than two years because I am satisfied with them. Even if you live in any place, you can feel the sweat on your hands when you grip your game more strongly. And I am lucky because my gloves are sweat and moisture-protective. I have never slipped with these gloves due to sweat and oil.

These gloves are non-Cabretta, and trust me; it is my first choice that has no Cabretta leather. But I like these gloves because they are well-shaped and fit. I use oil on my dry skin and hand, but there is slipping and sliding due to this glove. These gloves are created with fibre Nanotech which I like. This material makes gloves breathable, and you can feel a dry grip.

If you live in a hot state, you must try these gloves because you will feel comfortable and satisfied with these gloves. I recommend using these gloves for your sweaty hands. These gloves are true to fit for your hands and don’t make smaller orders. Because it will be tight on your hands and you can feel bored with these gloves.  


  1. Sweat and moisture protection
  2. Amazing durability
  3. True to fit
  4. Greater value


  1. The feeling is not well

Under ArmourIso-chill golf gloves

Under ArmourIso-chill golf gloves

The durability and comfort of gloves are essential things. So, when purchasing the best golf glove, focus on these things and then manage your budget. These gloves are excellent for durability and are comfortable due to sweat protection. If you play proper golf for some time, you can feel bad due to sweat. But I have played more than 100 shots properly with these gloves, and I feel comfort and satisfaction with all shots.

These gloves have a true fitting, and you can focus on playing your shots by using better-fitting gloves. These gloves have superior quality and better construction. So, these will protect your hands from sweating, and you can play a comfortable shot while wearing these gloves. Most gloves are created with palm and Cabretta, but these are manufactured with polyester, which I like.

The worth of these gloves is nothing, and you can enjoy the best gloves for only $14. You can spend many seasons with only $14, and no one will get many top-quality gloves at such a price. Because these are amazing and cheap, your hands will remain protected from sweat and moisture.


  1. Excellent fitting
  2. Durable gloves
  3. Sweat protection
  4. Well feeling


  1. Quality is not well

Kirkland Signature Premium Cabretta Golf Gloves

Kirkland Signature Premium Cabretta Golf Gloves

If you want to make practice, then you can buy these gloves. Because these are available at lower prices, you can use these gloves only for practice. The feeling and performance of this Cabretta leather are not well than crappy synthetic. These gloves could be better, but they are practical.

I bought these gloves only for practice for some seasons, and after using these gloves, I was really glad with these practice gloves. The durability of these gloves is amazing, and you can trust these gloves. They are made of good quality Cabretta leather. It comes with four gloves; changing gloves after a few shots is a good idea.

They have great value and a good fit, so you can trust these gloves when you practice during the hot season. It has lost shape, and if you have wider hands, you can feel comfortable with these gloves. In the hot season, you must face sweat on your hands; these gloves will keep your hands dry.


  1. Amazing fitting
  2. Good feeling
  3. Fewer price
  4. Best for practice
  5. Durable


  1. Lose gloves
  2. Not too much comfort

How to pick the best gloves?

When you are selecting gloves, you can take care of some features in these gloves. I cannot use non-Cabretta leather-created leather due to sweat. But some people prefer to use these gloves, so it is a personal preference that you and others can focus on.


There is different golf equipment, and all equipment has a limited price for such things. You can buy top-class Cabretta leather gloves for about $30. If you face sweat on your hands, you must have 2 or 3 pairs to switch out when you are in season. Not all gloves are at such a price, but focus on gloves you can buy at an affordable price.

Weather conditions

Weather is an important segment for these gloves. Because if you live in a hot state, you must buy moisture and sweat protector gloves. You can trust only comfortable and softer gloves when living in a cool state. I live in a hot state, and I prefer to play for a longer time. So, I will buy only breathable and moisture-absorption gloves for my game.

Sweat hands

Cabretta leather gloves will protect my hands when it is sweat in your hands. If I play longer, sweat will come out from my hands; in such case, only Cabretta leather gloves will protect my hands. In the case of sweaty hands, synthetic leather will feel lost in some conditions. Such gloves will tear soon, which is bad about gloves.

How to make your gloves long-lasting?

You can make practice or play in round this game. So, there are some tips for both seasons to make your gloves last. These gloves are useful for a longer time with following some instructions. We will discuss this in detail below and tell you separately about the rounds and practice.

During Round

  • Take 2 or 3 gloves for a round, and I also recommend using about 3 for hot weather and 2 for the cool season.
  • Don’t wear gloves if it is too late to play shot. Because it is effective if these are away from your skin.
  • Once play shot, don’t waste time putting out your gloves from your hands.
  • Change gloves after every shot because it will prevent your gloves from sweating, and dry gloves can be used for a longer time.
  • Hang and put your gloves in fresh air because airflow will make your gloves dry, and if it is in your bag, your bag must be held on the frame or any other place.

During Practice

  • Get only practice form gloves for practice because these will be at a lower price than round gloves. 
  • In this segment, you must have 2-3 gloves, but don’t change your gloves after every shot. 
  • Use a single glove until you feel the stick from your hands. 
  • After practising for some time with the same stick and glove, you must change other gloves. 
  • Carry on your practice until you use all your gloves. However, make your shots with something other than wet and slipping gloves.

Gloves Maintenance

No one likes dirty and odorous gloves; wearing used gloves is very unpleasant. If you feel that your gloves are not good due to sweat and oil, you can wash them and make them able to use. You can wash these gloves in salted water. After wetting these gloves, you can compress them with a towel and dry them in fresh air. If you clean and wash your gloves properly, these will last.

Final Words

Callaway Tour Authentic gloves are our first and top pick that you can use for your round and practice. However, most people use cheaper gloves for practice because, in practice, there is no need for too much care. But when you are making round shots, then only high-quality gloves can prove best. So don’t focus money on your performance; use gloves that are protective and comfortable for you.

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