Best Slow Pitch Softball Gloves – Buying Guide

Everyone loves to play games, but no one wants to be injured in games. We are talking about the best and most complex game of USA Baseball. There is no doubt that this game was started in the USA, and now the roots of this game have spread throughout the world. If you watch this game, then you will feel that it is too much complex a game. But when you understand its rules, it will be easy for you. Best Slow Pitch Softball Gloves are available at cheap.

There are some positions of players that they handle, and if all players handle their duties well, it is easy to win this game. The pitcher is in such a position that he stands behind the batter. And when the ball is thrown with full force, it isn’t easy to catch it. The speed of the ball can injure such players, so it is a good idea to use the best pitching gloves. It must be know that the gloves of all players in baseball are unique from each other.

When it comes to the matter of the budget of baseball, then recreational players think about it. But it is good news for baseball players that this game’s equipment is not too expensive. If you are looking for high-end gloves for pitcher players, then some products may be expensive. Rawlings Heart of the Head pitching gloves are our top-listed gloves you can use as a pitcher player. The price of this glove is heavy, but if you talk to any pro player or coach, they will praise these gloves.

List Of Pitch Softball Gloves

Rawlings Heart of the Hide pitching gloves

When people ask for high-end gloves for pitcher players, our suggestion is Rawlings’s heart of the head. But after some time, some people complain that these gloves are stiff, terrible, and long-lasting. So they are right because all these things make these gloves the best pitching. While these gloves are fantastic only pro players can use these gloves because the price of these gloves is not cheap.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide pitching gloves

As you know the ball is thrown with full force. It requires tough gloves that can bear this force and give you such performance that you are expecting. These gloves are create with steer hide and cowhide leather. Both these types of leather make these gloves durable for a long time, which is essential to increase the life of these gloves. Due to the durability of these gloves, it is easy to play with them for more than two years. But care is the first term through which you can increase these gloves’ life.

It isn’t easy to open these gloves because it is creates with sturdy leather, and it is not easy for youth to open them. If you are playing your game at the college level or have strength, you can select these gloves for pitching. The palms of these gloves are softer than other gloves, and the reason is the usage of cowhide leather. The size of these gloves is 11.75 inches, which is enough for adults to use, and it is designed with a double-priced closed web.

No matter the season, whether winter or summer, the fabric of this glove is breathable. These gloves have many qualities, like durability, comfort, depth pockets, closed web, and so many others. It could be your 1st choice when looking for the best pitching gloves.


  1. Combination of steer hide and cowhide leather
  2. Durable gloves
  3. Control and comfort
  4. Breathable fabric


  1. Expensive glove
  2. Need force to break in

Franklin Sports ProFlex Adult slow pitch softball gloves

As you know Franklin Company has a series of baseball gloves. And many products of Franklin gloves are usable by pro players. However, all gloves have their unique category. And now, in this topic, we will give the list of best pitching gloves, so Franklin Sports ProFlex adult gloves are better. The design of these gloves is different from other glove products of Franklin. Many other Franklin gloves are created with synthetic leather. But it used a Hybrid PVC shell in the creation of these gloves. Due to this shell, Franklin Sports ProFlex adult gloves are sturdier than other gloves.

Franklin Sports ProFlex Adult slow pitch softball gloves

The palm construction of Franklin Sports ProFlex adult gloves is made with fantastic cowhide. These gloves have premium quality, but the price is less than many Best Slow Pitch Softball Gloves have are not better than these gloves. There is no requirement for a break in these gloves, so these are time-saving. You open the box and hit the gloves on the ground, and these are ready for play. These gloves are 12.5 inches, and these are best for right-handers throwers. However, these days, there are many designs of such gloves available that you can use for both left and right-handers.

There are many qualities in Franklin Sports ProFlex adult gloves, but the lining of these gloves could be better. And it can be torn fast, and the reason is that this is created with synthetic leather. No matter that these gloves are helpful for adults, due to their design, it is also useful for youth to wear these gloves. The comfortability of these gloves is famous, and you can remain comfortable when you wear these gloves for pitching.


  1. Cowhide palm construction
  2. Created with PVA hybrid shell
  3. Comfortable
  4. Beneficial for adults and youth


  1. Not too much durable

Renegade pitching gloves

If you choose low-quality pitching gloves, then these can injure your hand and fingers. We try to find gloves with the best quality material, giving you more chances to improve your game. Our following product is Renegade pitching gloves that you can use for protection and performance. All gloves of this series are well with a balance of comfort and durability. So when you buy these gloves, then you will get both these facilities in such gloves.

Renegade Pitching Gloves

The palm of these gloves is responsive for ball control and has a fantastic grip. And extra padding on the backhand can protect your hand when the ground hits it. The strap of these gloves makes it easy to tighten or lose them on your hand. When it comes to the matter of grip configuration, then you can trust a 180-degree thumb wrap. For a superior grip, durability, and comfort, never latex gives you an additional quantity.

There are chances of finger injuries in baseball because fingers may be more effective when your hand bites the ground. So all the gloves of Renegade have the property of Endo-Tek pro finger savers. So it works from all general finger protectors, and there is no issue hitting your fingers on the ground when it catches. These gloves are flexible, and due to flexibility, it is easy to wear out these gloves quickly. As you know there is not any perfect glove for pitching because there are drawbacks to all gloves. But we can give the guarantee of our gloves that these have better qualities than others.

The price of these gloves is more than standard gloves, but it is better if we talk about quality, comfort, durability, and so on. When you are looking for the best slow pitch softball gloves instead of cheap gloves, we suggest you buy renegade ones.


  1. High-quality material
  2. 360-degree strap for wrist protection
  3. Comfort
  4. Easy to wear in and wear out
  5. Save your fingers


  1. Not cheap price

Rawlings gamer series pitching gloves

Black pitching gloves also look pretty for players. And if you say these gloves are not too famous like some other products, you are right. But you can trust these gloves for their performance. The size of these gloves is 12 inches, so it is a lengthy glove that adults can use without any problem. And these gloves are more durable than your expectations. The web of these gloves is entirely close, and it is easy to catch the ball with these gloves. 

Rawlings gamer series pitching gloves

These gloves are wearable on the left hand, so throwing the ball with your right hand is easy. As you know, gloves are mainly used to keep hands and fingers secure from injury. So it is essential to find a standard pitching glove instead of looking famous glove. These gloves are men’s favourite gloves that are being used in the whole USA. And you can trust these gloves even if the ball is at full speed. Because these gloves are created with leather, you can use these gloves for more games. 

According to some people, the leather quality used in these gloves could be more durable. But if you care about this glove, then you can use it for a longer time. I don’t say that it is a drawback of this glove or not that it is broken in about half. The weight of these gloves is 0.57 kg, so it is not too heavy to wear these gloves. If we look at these gloves, they can prove to be the Best Slow Pitch Softball Gloves. 


  1. Useful for all level
  2. Best for all ages of people
  3. Lighter
  4. Low price


  1. Half break-in

Rawlings R9 Gloves

Some players love to play with soft gloves because stiff gloves are difficult to break. Regarding comfort and fit, soft leather material gloves are better than others. So Rawlings R9 gloves are a better choice for such people. These gloves are comfortable and created with soft leather material. There are many unique features of these gloves that you will like. And if you discuss these gloves with pro players, you will be ready to buy these gloves because this glove is the choice of many pro players. 

Rawlings R9 Gloves

When we talk about the quality of these gloves, it is fantastic and unbeatable from many other gloves. Rawlings R9 gloves are durable, and you can play for some years with this glove. More than 80% of gloves are broken from the factory, so there is no wait for anything, and you can start your game immediately. Pitchers can use these gloves because they have a lining that protects the fingers. And with wearing these gloves, your fingers will be safe from any injury, while it is padded with softer material that is easy to wear in and wear out. 

Rawlings R9 gloves have limited customization options, and it is only a single thing that you can count it I drawback. But there are many other qualities in such gloves that you are looking for in the best pitching gloves. Padded finger lining and thumb looped make it a comfortable and protective glove you love. 


  1. High-quality leather
  2. Super comfort
  3. Protective gloves
  4. Normal price


  1. Limited customized options

GAMEDAY 57 Griffin canning pitching gloves

Rawlings is the best series for providing too many baseball gloves that we cannot expect about it. And many such products are the favourite of pro players. You know that pro players will never use such gloves. Those have no qualities. GAMEDAY 57 Griffin canning pitching gloves are the production of Rawlings, and it has so many qualities that they are added to our list of best pitching gloves. These gloves are not cheap, so these gloves are the Best Slow Pitch Softball Gloves and the choice of Golden Pro players. As the price of any product or glove increases, the quality and material will also be added in the same ratio.

GAMEDAY 57 Griffin Canning Pitching Gloves

GAMEDAY 57 griffin canning pitching gloves were crafted with premium kip leather, and it can increase the feel and look of these gloves. No doubt that the performance of these gloves is excellent, but the look and design of these gloves are very pretty. There are many fitting stages, and there are top and standard-fitting gloves that you can use for your game. It is manufactured with full-grain kip leather that is durable and comfortable for all players. These gloves are 12 inches, so you can use this glove if you are an adult.

These gloves have no drawbacks because they are exclusive, but when we look at the price, only Golden Pro players can wear them. The linings of these gloves are created with petard sheep skin, making them durable and safe. 100% wool blend padding makes it ideal for many baseball players. The break-in capacity is 70%, so there is no need to use too much force. GAMEDAY 57 Griffin canning pitching gloves are excellent gloves that you can use for playing baseball on any level. So if you can pay the price of these gloves, there is no need to look at any other product.


  1. Exclusive quality
  2. Durable for many years
  3. Comfort for all ages
  4. Best performance


  1. Expensive

Wilson A2000 Clayton Kershaw pitching gloves

All pitching gloves have their properties, which may be better than others due to these features and functions. So if we talk about Wilson A2000 Clayton Kershaw pitching gloves, these gloves have a length of 11.75 inches, known as extra-long. And due to this length, it is easy to snag quick line drives. Wilson A2000 Clayton Kershaw pitching gloves are trusted gloves because they are the best in the market, and no one can deny using them because these will help you play this game with your best performance.

Wilson A2000 Clayton Kershaw Pitching Gloves

The pocket of these gloves is manufactured with a dual weltering pocket that makes it easy to catch the ball. There is no matter of ball speed because it is designed with two-wall, so you can catch the ball easier even if there is any ball speed. These gloves are popular in the market, and one thing can get fame if it has some such qualities that others don’t have as there are many gloves in the market that are the same, like Wilson A2000 Clayton Kershaw pitching gloves. But you can use original gloves for pitching that are easy to buy from Amazon.

These gloves are loose for some people; however, you can make them tight when playing this game. No glove is perfect in the market for baseball players because it is a unique choice for all players. Due to these choices, many products are good as the best pitching gloves for players. You can wear these gloves with your left hand and quickly throw the ball with your right hand. Leather material is used in these gloves, which is helpful for a long time.


  1. Popular brand
  2. Durable due to using leather
  3. Flexible gloves
  4. Useful for all ages


  1. Loose for some players

Buying guides for the best slow pitch softball gloves

As mentioned, you can select some of the best products for pitching gloves. All our listed gloves are helpful for all players, and you can select that you look best. However, always select such glove that is comfortable and fit for you. And when you are paying for these gloves, then select such gloves that you can use for a longer time. Because some people need to learn how to buy the Best Slow Pitch Softball Gloves, they select gloves that they cannot use only for a year. Here are some buying guides for pitching gloves, and if you read our blog, then it will be easy for you to find such glove that is perfect for you.


It is the 1st thing that you should look at in your gloves. There are many types of material that you can use in gloves. But all these materials have their properties, so you can select gloves that are the best with high-end material. The main leather used in these gloves is kip, synthetic, and some other materials. Some other materials are also good for creating these gloves. So the selection of material depends on which will be comfortable for you.


When you are playing this game with your friends and coworkers, you will use affordable equipment. If you are a pro player and playing national and international level tournaments, then there is a need to use such equipment that has high-end performance. So our budget depends on the circumstances of your game. The budget determines these gloves’ quality, construction, comfort, and durability. However, selecting such gloves that you can find on your affordable budget is better.


Size is an important thing that you can watch in your pitching gloves. When you are in the game and using more oversized gloves, these will be loose. And a loosened glove cannot give you better comfort. And if it is smaller than your hand, it will be a pain in your hand and wrist. At the same time, you cannot catch the ball in better ways. So before selecting the best pitching gloves, look at the size of these gloves.


If you are comfortable in your game, then you can play well. If you are not in such a position that you are not feeling comfortable, then never expect that you will be good with these gloves in your game.

All the above guides can help you select the best pitching gloves. So before buying gloves, it is essential to read our blog because this will help you select these gloves.

Final Words

Some pitcher players may get injuries on their fingers and hands, mainly because they don’t use the best pitching gloves. It is wrong because if you love baseball, it is essential to use the best equipment for this game. In this article, we have offered to buy the best slow pitch softball gloves and listed some brands you can select. However, if you want suggestions, we suggest using Rawlings’s Heart of the Hide pitching gloves because these gloves are complete for pitchers at affordable prices.

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