Why Is The First Base Glove Different?

First Base Glove

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Have you heard the name of mitts? If your answer is negative, the first base glove is called mitts. The main difference between a mitt from the first base glove is that mitt is longer than the gloves. And it has a solid and curved edge to the design. These mitts are very important for playing games because they can stop scoop wild throws and are useful to stop ground balls down the line.

If you are using other gloves for playing different games, you must know that first-base gloves differ from other gloves. The features of different gloves will be different. And if you want to buy a glove, you must see the features of such a glove and compare it with your needs. It is an easier way to select the best glove for your use.

There will be multiple players on the ground, but the position of the first basemen player will be more visible to others. And the responsibility of such a player is also greater than other players. The first baseman player has to catch the throughout shots. So it is a very responsive and strict position for first basemen players, who need special gloves.

Only first-basemen players can wear the mitts, which are different from other players’ gloves. It is not allowed to wear mitts for other players because it is a solid piece, and it can help the first baseman player to catch the ball and get more protection in this matter. The design of the mitt is similar to gloves, but the mitt’s function, material and responsibility are different from gloves.

Why does first base have a special glove?

When you play baseball, all players have different positions, and protection is the priority in all games. In baseball, players must use gloves for the best grip and protection. And there is a difference in pitcher, catcher, infielder and outfielder gloves. But if you look at the first baseman player’s glove, it has a few similarities, but there are many differences in such gloves.

If you are playing as a first baseman player, selecting gloves that can protect you and make you comfortable in your position is important. The first base glove, a mitt, is created with solid material. You can easily differentiate gloves and mitts and select mitts that can protect you and help to increase your performance.

  • Comparison of glove and mitt

When we talk about gloves for baseball players, some varieties come to our minds. Gloves and mitts are different things, and when you read our blog, you can easily compare both products. Because in this article, we will compare mitts with gloves and tell you about the differences between these products used by basemen.

No finger slots in the mitt or first base glove are manufactured with a solid design. And regular glove has the feature of a slot that separates all fingers from each other. So it is a major difference, and you can identify which glove is regular and which is only for the first baseman.

Mitt has a curved and round edge, but there is no different curved edge in regular gloves. The mitt’s pocket is deeper, but the regular glove has a deep pocket. The webbing of the first base glove is open and deep. But regular gloves could open and closed webbing as players want. This game is only for adults, and the mitt size for adults is 12 to 13 inches. But the size of a regular glove could be greater than a mitt because it has different sizes, between 11 inches to 35 inches. Both these gloves are created mostly from leather materials. 

Differences between the mitt and regular glove

Many components and features make the first base glove different from the regular glove. And through these components, you can easily identify the mitt from the glove. Now we are discussing the differences between mitt and regular gloves.

  • Design

As we discussed above, the design of the first base glove and the regular glove differs. So some changes in the mitt make it different from the regular glove. The mitt has no finger holes, while regular gloves have these. So it is like a catcher’s mitt, created with solid leather material. The main purpose of jointing all fingers is to give a better grip for the ball.

The curved edge of the mitt is responsive to put out dirt from the ball and also reduce bubbles. These gloves are not pretty, but this design is fantastic to wear and also comfortable and helpful. The mitt pocket is deeper than regular gloves, which is essential to make it more comfortable for players. It has open webbing that is more exclusive than closer webbing.

Regular and first-base gloves are available for both left and right-handed people. Some additional features are included in first base gloves, like extra lacing, strap and D ring. So all these features give more adjustments to first-base players. As you know, there is a need for more protection for first base players than regular players, so there are special gloves for special players.

  • Functions

The dirt grip on the ball when you play the game, but you can use a mitt to clean it. The first base glove curve is also very helpful in the game. And you can pick the ball without removing gloves. The area of first base glove is greater than normal gloves, so it is easy to catch the ball without any trouble and problems. But in regular gloves, this function has limited area and place. This glove is like a mitt, so your fingers will not come to the backside when you catch the ball.

  • Price

The price of the first base glove depends on the quality, material, purpose and brand. Now it depends on you whether you are purchasing such gloves for fun or you are an international player. And the quality and material of the mitt are also very essential for using the best gloves. The normal glove with better features is available for about $70. But the price will increase if you are looking for professional first-base gloves. And some such brands also sell their gloves worth more than $500.

The first base glove’s price depends on the gloves’ quality, how these are created, and which material is used for manufacturing such gloves. The rate of regular gloves is not more than from mitt because the mitt or first base glove material is more aggressive than regular gloves. You can purchase any type, quality and brand of gloves from Amazon; many companies manufacture such gloves. However, you must have More than $50 to $500 if you want to buy a first base glove according to your choice.

  • Maintenance And Care 

First-base gloves are created with leather, so caring for your clothes and such gloves is essential. These gloves are essential to play this game, so there is a need to give more care and attraction to such gloves for maintenance and care. If you are using new first-base gloves, these should be loose in the pocket, heel and palm.

For care, you must fold half of the gloves, and you can use the 5-pound mallet to lose the stiffness of such gloves. Try to catch and play with such gloves and increase the performance of these gloves. However, there is a need to care about the rolling and curling when you are playing this game with wearing these gloves.

If you want to increase the life of such gloves, clean them with cleaning materials. You can buy wipes, brushes and other conditioners that you can use for cleaning the first base gloves. You can use such gloves for a long time when you care about your gloves. And these will give you more and more performance for playing this game.

To Summarize

As you know that regular and first-base gloves are used in the same game. But there are a lot of differences between these gloves, and when you are playing first baseman players, you need to buy the best quality mitt. All your game’s performance depends on the condition of the first base glove you are using.

If you want to buy the first base glove only for practice or training, then you can select any local glove. But when you are playing professionally and increasing your performance, you should purchase more effective mitts.

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