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If you are tall and don’t get fitting clothes, American Tall will suggest best best-fitting and slim clothes for you. this company was founded in 2015, so it is counted as latest clothes company. Saul Rajsky is the owner and current CEO of this company. And now you can get your slim and fitting clothes through this company if you are tall. So this company is working for such people who are taller and don’t fit in small clothes.

Here you can buy different clothes for exercise, walking, sleeping, and fashion clothes. And about all clothes are fit by more than 6 feet tall people. As you know a person will be comfortable in only slim and fitting clothes. But tall people feel tight when they wear normal clothes. So this company aims to provide such clothes to tall people that keep them slim and comfortable.

A person has a height of more than 6 feet counts in the tall category. So many people in the world have a height of more than 6 feet, and it needs to provide such products that they can wear and look smart and beautiful. Men are taller than women, but there are many women also that have a height of more than 6 feet. We will discuss the different ratings of American Tall on different social platforms.

Overall score

The overall score of the American tall clothing company is about 65 and it is count in the average score. So this is also a satisfied score level, because, in this situation, it has a mix of reviews and satisfaction. Some users’ post positive reviews, but some have issues with these brands. However, if you want to try clothes from this company, you must read positive and negative reviews. It is a good idea to satisfy with your own experience and you can buy something from this company and observe your experience.

Trustpilot score

It has a poor score level on Trustpilot because 38 scores are not good. About 50 reviews are post on this platform and only 8% give 5 stars to this company. And more than 64% of people have given it only 1 star. Son you can estimate about Trustpilot rating and how much it will be effective for you. Due to the dissatisfaction of clients and users, it has got only a 1.9 category rating on this platform.

Different people have different reviews on Trustpilot for American tall and mostly claim for poor and low-quality fabric. However, some of the users say that devilry may be late or these are expensive clothes with local quality fabric.

Facebook score

It has a good rating on Facebook because it has 35K followers and 32K likes. So this is a good online presence of American tall on Facebook with more than 75 scores. However, different types of reviews are posted on this site and most people show satisfaction with the services and products of this company. American Tall’s page on Facebook has a good online presence and here you will become satisfied with the quality material of this company.

Instagram Score

If we look at different social platforms and their rating, Instagram is better than all others. because this app is mostly useable by business professionals and more than 75% of Instagram users use their accounts for searching new products that are launched in the market. So American Tall has about 85 scores on this platform with 47.3K followers and 2290 posts. With too much traffic and engagement rate, you can count on American Tall an honest online shopping company. However, this company is not following too many of its followers, so there is an imbalance from followers to followers.

YouTube Score

American Tall on YouTube is only give satisfaction because it has about 65 scores, but there are not too many subscribers, and only limit videos are posted on this platform. There are only 930 subscribers with 138 videos share on this platform. To increase subscribers, the company is sharing their videos on YouTube. However, we cannot say when their effort will become successful.

Red flags of American tall on different social platforms

  • There is some missing information and things on Facebook and you know that there are more users on Facebook than on other social platforms. So it is a good idea to promote your product on Facebook.
  • On TikTok, it has a 0 score, and you know that TikTok is a trending and rising social platform for short videos. But no information about American Tall on TikTok counts the poor services of American Tall.
  • Overall visibility on different social platforms is limite and there is a need to increase overall scores. As the overall scores increase, the popularity and publicity of the company will increase.

Final words

With the given data, we can say that it is a normal brand in the USA. Normal brands do not have too much importance in such countries where online shopping is increasing day by day. However American Tall has limited visibility and presence on different social media platforms.

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